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Following a people-led approach we transform your radical ideas into successful apps. We are coding junkies high on flawless design, reliable technology, and efficient delivery. Get Hooked!

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We at IT Junkies believe that great apps are not about features and functionality, it's about the People.

Our sheer desire to improve life has helped us to conquer the impossible by taking a people-led, not technology-led, approach to app development. We design and develop bespoke apps that achieve real, tangible results for Startups and Established Businesses.

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Our Approach

We Junkies don't work as contractors, rather we engage with you like an extension of your team. We are invested in you from the word go.


With you we discover, define and understand your problem to lay out a clear plan, well-defined features and strong technical foundation for your app.


Using a human centered design approach, we design apps that are easy to use, make sense and have real impact.


Working with the best coders in the industry, we bring your Application's Design to life. We deliver mission critical and scalable apps that are built to last.


It's not our style to build an app and walk away. To make it truly successful, we ensure that the application architecture and codebases will scale healthily.

Our Work, Our Pride



As humans, we have a highly diverse set of personalities, habits, quirks, and pet peeves. While that list could be endless, there's one trait common for all of us, no matter what - we all hate waiting in lines! It is annoying and pointless - something that we can collectively agree upon. Be it restaurants, supermarkets, medical shops, or even at the doctors', getting held up in queues is not something one looks forward to after a day's hard work.

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