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The client is a decade-old construction company with over ten permanent active sites in Raigarh, Chhattisgarh. The company is owned by two friends, Abhishek Agrawal and Pankaj Agrawal, both with a strong construction background. They work for some of the most reputed clients of the city. Their work involves dealing with contractors, architects, interior designers, and more. They have over 3000 laborers working for numerous sites in the city. They had well-kept systematic Excel sheets for keeping records of material inventory, payroll, attendance management, HR Management, DPR (Daily Progress Report), cash settlements, etc which they maintained manually.

IT Junkies simplified their workflow to an extent where everything could be digitized. Our team took multiple rounds of going back and forth with the clients to understand the giant task on hand. What followed was thorough research, planning, and strategizing. We came up with a mobile ERP system called CMAN to digitize and centralize their entire workflow throughout all their sites. We automated their process which reduced the manual work of the owners. Phase 1 and 2 of CMAN have been successfully completed and greatly appreciated. Currently, the 3rd phase is in the works.


At every site, there's a supervisor who had been maintaining Excel sheets for managing important company information like payroll, material inventory, and daily progress reports. Payroll details included the number of hours every laborer worked for, in addition to the details of advanced pay taken (if applicable) and leaves. The material inventory sheet was to be filled up with all the details of construction material stock in their inventory - usage, the remaining material, expenditure, requirements of new stock, and so on. The DPR (Daily Progress Report) was to be submitted daily, including the details of task progress on each site.

The challenge for IT Junkies was to build a user-friendly system that would be convenient for everyone at different hierarchical levels working at the company - right from the owners to the daily-wage laborers. We understood the struggle they could face if the system were entirely in English as 90% of them weren't well-versed with the language. Hence, we integrated both Hindi and English language functionalities for them. The design of the mobile ERP system we developed for the company was so easy that employees got quickly hooked to it!

HR - Labour Management

Initially, we were given an old database of over 3000 laborers spanning over ten years. We made a system that could import all this data with an option to create, delete, or modify the existing laborer profiles. Each laborer profile has the following details:

  • Payroll
  • Increment
  • ID Card with a QR code for scanning attendance

We also integrated details like their Aadhar and other verified information to ensure their credibility. We created an option of marking the laborer profiles as Active/Inactive, so when an ex-employee joins back, their profile can just be activated from the database. There was no limit for creating the number of supervisors or sites, so in the future, when they expand, they wouldn't need a new system in place.

Attendance Management

The process that earlier took a few hours daily now gets done in 15-20 mins - our ERP system was created to work that seamlessly! Not only that, their in-time and out-time are recorded every time they step in or step out. All they have to do is scan their ID card with the QR code scanner. The supervisor's job has been made easy with this system as they have next to nil manual work now.

Payroll Management

Through CMAN, the real-time, minute-to-minute working hours of each laborer are recorded. A logical formula is set once the attendance is marked. Now, every Friday, the supervisor can see the real-time statistics of each laborer, with the details of any extra cash borrowed. There's no separate function to be done to calculate the pay; this is entirely achieved through attendance management. This way, the owners are also just a click away from the laborer payment details of each site.

DPR (Daily Progress Report)

Earlier, site supervisors went through the daily tedious task of writing papers with details of attendance, work progress, material inventory, cash details, and more. After manually calculating everything, they'd have to physically submit the reports next day before work. With CMAN, every supervisor now has access to a panel that automatically generates a DPR based on the details. However, every day at 7 pm, they get a notification to fill in the DPR to cross-check with the auto-generated DPR. All they have to do is take photos. Once the supervisors submit the DPR, owners get notified so they can give the required feedback.

Material inventory

The company has many suppliers for different construction materials that they use daily. We created a ledger of their suppliers to maintain the details. Every time a supervisor creates a purchase entry, the owner gets notified so they can do the next steps. When these supervisors allot the materials, they make real-time entries of how much of it was used. This way, the tracking of the current stock of materials becomes seamless. The system also enabled maintenance of shifting transactions to keep track of tools being sent out to other sites.

Cash Management

Every Saturday, the laborers get paid, for which the supervisors need cash. The report about the total payroll cash required at each site is sent out to the owners. The amount is accordingly sent out to the supervisors, and this way, their cash management has been optimized.

Business Statistics

With the details of expenditures and material inventory, we create a comprehensive supplier report for the owners. This report contains all the information about the site expenditures, suppliers, materials, and more, with date filters. Through the date filters, owners can select a time slot to pull out the data to calculate their turnover, profit, and loss of their sites.

Voice Search

One of the most essential features of CMAN is voice search. The employees working at construction sites are constantly dealing with materials like cement that makes it difficult to operate phones. They can just use the voice feature, which works even in Hindi, to get their task done. We wanted to ensure that we give them the same paper writing experience digitally, and that's exactly what CMAN delivered.

Notification Alerts

We created real-time notification alerts for different systems for different tasks. The owners get notified when a task is completed by the supervisor and this way, they can keep track of progress on each site easily. The supervisors also get a notification as a reminder to fill their DPR. They can only file the DPR once the attendance is recorded.

The Result

Phase 1 of creating CMAN included attendance, laborer, and payroll management. Phase 2 included material inventory, DPR, notification alerts, cash management, and business statistics. With CMAN, the owners can now save about 40 hours of the agony of accounting and other paperwork every month. Needless to say, they were grateful to be relieved from the painful burden of manual work. They have also been able to save up a significant amount of money to develop new sites. Currently, IT Junkies is working on Phase 3, which would make it a fully automated system. This phase would allow the owners to have automated profit-loss reports. Apart from this, they would be able to calculate estimated property costs by putting the pricing per foot for their suppliers and clients.